Digest Week 03/17

Jan 21, 2017 estimated read-time 1 min

This week I changed my blogging-plattform from Wordpress to Jekyll. In the process of changing the overall design, i got really fed up with the structure and the overhead of functions the application is throwing on the user.

For my case a simple static site generator like Jekyll seems to be perfect. Everything under my own control and the liquid templating engine is really intuitive and fun to use.

Ramblings by Rasmus Andersson

The Blog of Rasmus Andersson is really interesting. I stumbled upon it while looking for jekyll sample pages. Rasmus has been Designer at Spotify, Facebook and is no working at Dropbox. There are a bunch of interesting stories and projects on his page - see for yourself.

Blog of Rasmus Andersson

Immutable Infrastructure and Containers

The second element of this weeks digest is about the immutable infrastructure and the benefits this concept can provide using broad implementation of Containers. Also in the light of the Dockercon taking place on June 22nd and June 23rd, 2015 a good read to catch up on this topic.

Immutable Infrastructure and Containers

High-end cloud gaming on demand

Larry Gadea, the foudner of Envoy features a really interesting article for all of the passionate part-time gamers. He provided the steps nescessary to use the Amazon AWS service, a VPN and the built-in Steam functionality to play latest games remotely on limited hardware like an MacBook Air.

Run your own high-end cloud gaming service on EC2

Card expansion effect SVG tutorial

Claudio Calautti shared a beautiful tutorial how to realize a card expansion effect with SVG clipPath. Maybe something i’ll consider applying here later on.

Card Expansion Effect with SVG clipPath

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